December 2, 2023


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Top online games for 2023 – The Upcoming

Top online games for 2023


The past ten years have witnessed a lot of positive alterations in the gaming industry. With these significant shifts, individuals can access various games on numerous platforms, including consoles, handheld devices and computers. As a result, there are endless options to consider. and many players need clarity regarding how to play the games because so many have been published quickly, particularly online versions.

There are a select few of frequently played games that were among the most famous games in 2022, but because participants constantly enter and exit, the list evolves over the years. The past year has also seen thrilling games modelled after the real money slots provided at in-person venues. Players now have several opportunities to win real money and incredible prizes.

Here are some of the online games trending right now, in the most popular to the more niche gaming genres.

PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground)

This was undoubtedly 2022’s most popular online game. PUBG continues to outperform projections regarding player numbers and has taken over the Internet. In actuality, PUBG is built on H1Z1 and Armor.

Because of the popularity of the mobile version, Pubg PC quickly gained popularity as well. The simple controls and gameplay components are what made it famous. The objective is to live by robbing and battling to the death after being airdropped onto an island filled with enemies. There are numerous competitive maps in the game and 99 players can participate at once.

This game possesses a sizeable fan base since it offers a realistic experience, a map and a quest with additional enemies concealed in the undergrowth. The players will succeed if they stay alive and defeat every foe.


This game’s objective stems from its name, Minecraft. As it implies, playing the game means surviving through mining and molding elements. Players come across various habitats, antique buildings, creatures and more in the vast, never-ending world.

Within each of the game’s environments, players must maintain their lifestyle and deal with other players, food, and living things. They do this by creating a base through mining, exploration and crafting. This way, they defend themselves from any annoying foes.

Players can also join servers, create worlds with friends or even fight alongside them. In this game, there are no constraints on one’s creativity. Its modes range from spectator and survival modes to adventure and creative modes.

Apex Legends

This game has garnered media attention since its launch. After going through cross-platform broadcasts by well-known streamers, the game skyrocketed into popularity. Players participate in a three-person squad in this sci-fi world game, and the goal is to live to the very end.

One can play as one of the various legends in the game, each with their own unique abilities and powerful moves. Contenders must defeat every squad by finding supplies, equipment and ammunition along the way, and resolving puzzles. This is the ideal game for those who prefer battlefield games but don’t play Fortnite or PUBG.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

This game stands as one that completely dominated the market in 2018 and is still fun today. This battle royale game is a hybrid of Minecraft and PUBG, where player can both create and engage in combat.

A large open world is provided in the games, along with characters, events, configurable weapons and modes, to mention a few. Characters from different franchises, such as Marvel, Naruto and even Mr Beast, have recently had crossover skins. As a result, it’s even more enjoyable to participate for fans of such franchises.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Because of its frequent improvements and nostalgic journey, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is currently among the best-known games. With the illustrious CS 1.6, one can trace the history of CS games back a long way.

With its numerous maps, diverse arsenal of weapons and outstanding game mechanics, this 5v5 shooter is possibly the most excellent game in its genre. Additionally, CS:GO provides a selection of weapon skins that can be sold on the skins market and profited from. A sizeable eSports scene also supports the game.


Blizzard Entertainment created HearthStone as a small project, but it was a hit and is still being played today. This game aims to amass card decks from different houses and powers. Every card must be utilised to reduce the enemy’s energy and health in order to secure victory.

This free-to-play game was first launched under the name Heroes of Warcraft because it contains many characters from the actual World of Warcraft series.

League of Legends

Even though this game has existed for a while, it continues to be well-liked. The choice of the players’ champions, who face off against other winners in the later stages, is entirely up to them. Each stage and game is fascinating, and the mode and graphics are excellent. It’s a multiplayer action game with an RPG aesthetic.

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