December 10, 2023


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The List: GOBfest returns for a full weekend of gaming on boards

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The GOBfest, Edmonton’s largest boardgame convention, is run by the non-profit Games On Boards Festival Society for the sole purpose of uniting like-minded enthusiasts.

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It began as a university gaming group in 2006 but GOBfest was officially established in 2012. The pandemic saw the festival creatively pivot to a temporary, online event organizers called GOBweb but the festival reverted back to an in-person festival last year.

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The number of attendees has steadily grown through the years and more than 250 participants are expected at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre this weekend. There are two game sessions on both Friday and Sunday with Saturday fitting in four full play sessions between 9 a.m. and midnight. Sessions vary in length and focus on teaching attendees how to play different games, with one tournament being played per time slot. In a nice show of local support, the 2 p.m. Saturday session will include Creature Comforts, which will be taught by Roberta Taylor, the local game designer who created it.

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Along with the main gaming event, a flea market is organized Sunday from 12:30-1:30 p.m. to buy and sell used games and Prototype Alley, which features unpublished games from aspiring designers you can engage with.

Doors at the Alberta Avenue Community Centre (9210 118 Ave.) open Friday at 6 p.m. Kids under the age of 12 are free with a paid adult, and tickets can be bought for individual days or full weekend passes from


3/17-19: Night of Artists ARTWALK (Bonnie Doon Mall)

Thru 3/18: Know Thyself as a Virtual Reality (FAB)

3/21: The World Through Almond-shaped Eyes (Studio YEG Art)

3/28-4/8: BDes Graduation Show (FAB)

Thru 3/31: Ancestors (Bruce Peel Special Collections)

Thru 3/31: Jimmy Golden’s Insalata Mista (Metro)

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Thru 3/31: Grads: The Exhibition (YWCA)

Thru 4/4: 5 Artists 1 Love (AGA)

Thru 4/15: The End of the World / The Birth of the World (Harcourt)

Thru 4/15: Radio Becomes Clear (Harcourt)

Thru 4/16: Kale Barr’s Do You Love Me Now? (Miller Art Gallery)

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Thru 4/16: Dean Drever: Pass the Hat (AGA)

4/18-29: BFA Graduation Show (FAB)

Thru 4/30: To Play in the Face of Certain Defeat (AGA)

Thru 4/30: In Black and White (AGA)

5/12-14: ACACA (Pembina Place)

6/16-6/10: KIAS 15th Anniversary (FAB)

Thru 11/26: ᐋᐧᐸᑲᐧᓃᐊᐧᐣ Wâpakwanîwin (To bloom, it has many flowers) (AGA)

Thru 12/31: Damian Moppett (AGA)


3/23: The Book of Rain by Thomas Wharton (Audreys)

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4/11: Elizabeth Gilbert (Winspear)


3/16: Mike Dambra (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/16-18: Ian Bagg (Comic Strip)

3/17: Lisa Baker (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/17-18: Leif Oleson Cormack (Comedy Factory)

3/18: Noah Brodeur, Cian Beatty, Natasha Lyn Myles (Yuk Yuk’s)

3/23: Brett Forte (Comic Strip)

3/25-25: Chris Heward (Comedy Factory)

3/24-25: Jamie Lissow (Comic Strip)

3/30: Kathleen McGee (Comic Strip)

3/31-4/1: Jimmy Earll (Comedy Factory)

3/31-4/2: Ralph Barbosa (Comic Strip)

4/2: Cat & Nat (Arden)

4/6-8: Asif Ali (Comic Strip)

4/7: Ben Bankas (Yuk Yuk’s)

4/7-8: Bob Angeli (Comedy Factory)

4/11: Kevin Hart (Rogers)

4/13-15: Ivan Decker (Comic Strip)

4/14-15: Brian Link (Comedy Factory)

4/20-22: Krystyna Hutchinson (Comic Strip)

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4/21-22: Ian Sirota, Ben Proulx (Yuk Yuk’s)

4/21-22: Simon Glassman (Comedy Factory)

4/27-29: Andrew Dice Clay (Comic Strip)

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4/28-29: Eleanor Kerrigan – late (Comic Strip)

5/2: Doug Stanhope (Comic Strip)

5/11-14: Ian Lara (Comic Strip)

5/18: Lara Beitz (Comic Strip)

5/20: Gerry Dee (Winspear)

5/25-27: Rocky LaPorte (Comic Strip)

5/26-27: Mike Dambra (Yuk Yuk’s)

6/1-3: Aida Rodriguez (Comic Strip)

6/8-10: Amos Gill (Comic Strip)

6/15-18: Joey Avery (Comic Strip)

6/16: The Comic Strippers (Arden)

6/16: Jimmy Carr (Jubilee)

6/22-25: Gianmarco Soresi (Comic Strip)

6/29-7/2: Michael Palascak (Comic Strip)

7/6-8: Abby Roberge (Comic Strip)

7/13: Steve Hofstetter (Union)

7/13-16: Mo Mandel (Comic Strip)

7/20-22: Carlos Mencia (Comic Strip)

7/27-30: Sophie Buddle (Comic Strip)

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8/3-6: Craig Conant (Comic Strip)

8/26: Dan Soder (Comic Strip)

9/2: Nurse Blake (Jubilee)


3/31-4/2: Orchid Fair (Enjoy Centre)

Thru 4/10: Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story (TWOSE)

5/5: The Art of the Brick (TWOSE)


3/17-18: Dead Ends Live (Various Venues)

3/17-19: Cherry Cult Fest (Brighton Block)

3/17-19: GOBfest (Alberta Ave Community  Centre)

3/24-25: Edmonton International Beer Fest (Convention Centre)

4/7-8: The Downtown Defrost (Louise McKinney)

5/4: Enchanted Forest Fashion & Arts Showcase (Y Afterhours)

6/16-17: Soundtrack Festival (Kinsmen)

7/6-10: Grindstone Comedy Festival w/ Che Durena, Sophie Buddle, Garrett Jamieson, others (Grindstone)

8/18: OPM Summer Fest (Union Hall)

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3/16: The Devil’s Sons, King Thief, Night Howl (Buckingham)

3/16-18: Shostakovich (Winspear)

3/17: Kyle Watson (Chvch of John)

3/17: First Aid Kit, On My Side, Wax Duplex (Blakbar)

3/17: Gimme Gimme Disco (Union)

3/17-18: Purple City Disco (Better Than Fred’s)

3/18: The Brasstactics – afternoon (Cask &Barrel)

3/18: Real McKenzies (Starlite)

3/18: Hypersphere, AtaxicCrux, TWitCh (Blakbar)

3/18: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Janet Scott Hoyt (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

3/19: BoomBox (Union)

3/19: U of A Choral Extravaganza (Winspear)

3/17: Kyle Watson (Chvrch of John)

3/17: Black Pestilence, Harsh, Malicious Intent, Bench Party (Aviary)

3/18: The Radient, Revolution Engine, Shag (Aviary)

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3/21: ESO’s Songs from Nashville (Winspear)

3/22: The Valencia Baryton Project (Westend Christian Reformed)

3/22: Sudden Love, Darlin’, Ruby Plume (Aviary)

3/22: Black Mastiff, Molten Lava, Space Queen (Buckingham)

3/22: Allan Rayman (Union)

3/23: Smokey, LN Baba, Velvet Hooks (Aviary)

3/24: The Slocan Ramblers (Arden)

3/24: Tekarra, Mares of Thrace, Sleeping Legion, Dripfeeder (9910)

3/24: DVSN (Union)

3/24: Ben Sures, Over the Moon (St. Basil’s)

3/24: Mariana’s Trench (River Cree)

3/24: Garden of Ash (Aviary)

3/24: Uncle & the Bros, Alaine, Timber Fang (Blakbar)

3/24-25: Bugs Bunny at the Symphony (Winspear)

3/25: Screaming at Traffic, The Unwashed, Mistaken Point (Buckingham)

3/25: The Travelling Mabels (Parkview Community)

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3/25: Sweeny Todd, Lee Aaron (River Cree)

3/25: Jeremy Witten, Sammy Volkov, Dylan Greenhough (Aviary)

3/26: To Reconcile Once Again (Winspear)

3/26: Music for Piano 2–4 Hands (Convocation Hall)

3/27: Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus: Allan Bevan’s Nou Goth (Winspear)

3/29: Wares, Old Mound (Buckingham)

3/30: The Honest Heart Collective, Bad Communicators, Kasteel (Buckingham)

3/30: Whybie, Synesthesia, Sharpain Carnage Pristine, Mom Weed (Aviary)

3/31: Odd Mob (Chvrch of John)

3/31: Infected Mushroom (Midway)

3/31: Monkey Junk (Arden)

3/31: The First Waltz, You Me & Zach, Good Jeans (Aviary)

3/31: Walker & Royce, Rumpus, Control Room, JYVX x Oddbear,  Uncle Jessie (Union)

4/1: Middle Eastern & North African Ensemble Concert (Convocation Hall)

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4/1: Jazz Cigarette, Hydracat (Blakbar)

4/1: Rusko, Nick Degree x Ten-O, Wadjit x Ryfull, MAAD.IK x Witchinghour, 4OOX x Kondktr (Union)

4/2: The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Jubilee)

4/2: Koo Koo Kanga Roo (Starlite)

4/2: For the Love Of… (Winspear)

4/4: July Talk, Crown Lands (Winspear)

4/4: SonReal, Preston Pablo (Union)

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4/6: Sabrina Carpenter (Union)

4/6: Ferreck Dawn (Chvrch of John)

4/6: Dual Nature, Tebby, The Heavy, Weak Material (Aviary)

4/7: Machinedrum, Joluca, Viet (Starlite)

4/7: Uncanny Valley, Rhythm of Cruelty, Poltergeist, Ani (9910)

4/7: Freddie Gibbs (Union)

4/7: The DirtyByrds, Sauce Age Party, The Co-Kaynes, Dangerous Good (Blakbar)

4/7: Chairman, Brain Bent, The Definitelys, Bad Ham (Aviary)

4/8: Bentall Taylor Ulrich (Parkview Community)

4/8: Inner City, Cody Currie, Dunmore Park (Starlite)

4/8: Suzie Vinnick, Lloyd Spiegel and Charlie A’Court (Arden)

4/8: The Hard Kiss – early (Union)

4/8: NGHTMRE, Subject 31 – late (Union)

4/8: Matt Andersen & the Big Bottle of Joy (Jubilee)

4/9: The Preying Saints (Buckingham)

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4/10: Herb Alpert, Lani Hall (Arden)

4/11: Garneau String Quartet, Rosebud String Quartet (Muttart Hall)

4/13: Marlaena Moore (Aviary)

4/14: Mom Jeans, Bearings (Union)

4/14: John Reischman and the Jaybirds (St. Basil’s)

4/14: Lee Brice, Tenille Arts (Rogers)

4/14: Tisoki, Cerdin, Lostronaut, Mcswigginz (Midway)

4/15: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Antonio Peruch (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

4/15: Shannon and the Clams (Milner Library)

4/15: CUTOFFS, iPecactopus, Out of Service (Aviary)

4/15: Ceilings w/ Take Side (Buckingham)

4/15: Sonny Mac, Flowshine (Blakbar)

4/15-16: Thrill of a Lifetime (Winspear)

4/17: Del Barber, Lucette, Dylan Greenhough (Aviary)

4/19: Texas King, Okay Mann (Buckingham)

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4/19: Fools, Rage Revival, Reign of Error (Aviary)

4/20: Love is a Battlefield (Winspear)

4/20: Raygun Cowboys, Bogue Brigade, Paint Bomb (Buckingham)

4/21: Kyle Walker (Chvrch of John)

4/21: Casper TNG (Union)

4/21-22: The Mambo Kings (Winspear)

4/22: Mayonnaise, Nobita (Union)

4/22: Accidents Happen, Dustin Leigh Mattern, Misplaced Intentions (Blakbar)

4/22: Northcote, James Renton, AbsurbHero, Mylz Parsons (Buckingham)

4/22: Nothing More, Crown the Empire, Thousand Below (Midway)

4/23: The Bamboo & Maple Festival (Winspear)

4/25: Umi Yokai, The Judge The Juror, Blue Harbour (Blakbar)

4/26: The Interrupters, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Chuck Ragan (Midway)

4/26: Clutch, Amigo the Devil, Nate Bergman(Union)

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4/26: Little Miss Higgins (Aviary)

4/26: BA Johnston, Morewine, Denim Daddies (Buckingham)

4/27: Jesse Roper, The Bankes Brothers (Soho)

4/28: Maxinne (Chvrch of John)

4/28: Séan McCann (Arden)

4/28: Kasteel, Rick Christian, Selfish Bodies (Aviary)

4/28-29: Sara Daravis Buechner plays Rachmaninoff (Winspear)

5/3: Emmet Michael, Zacj Kleisinger, Sammy Volkov (Aviary)

5/4: George Thorogood (River Cree)

5/4: Steve Dawson & the Hooded Mergansers (Aviary)

5/4-6: Beethoven & Joy (Winspear)

5/5: Chris Webby, EKOH, Justin Clancy (Union)

5/5: Matt Patershuk, Emily Triggs, Carter Felker (Aviary)

5/5-6: Shania Twain (Rogers)

5/8: Chris de Burgh (Jubilee)

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5/10: Disturbed, Theory of a Deadman (Rogers)

5/11: The Stampeders (Winspear)

5/11: The Bridge City Sinners (Buckingham)

5/12: Ross (Aviary)

5/13: Charlot & Mlle Cello (Winspear)

5/13: Dean Lewis (Midway)

5/14: EdMetro Chamber Choir: Broadway Our Way (Strathearn United)

5/19: Dark Patterns (Winspear)

5/20: Dadju (River Cree)

5/21: Bleu Clair (Chvrch of John)

5/22: The Black Dahlia Murder (Union)

5/24: Elder (Starlite)

5/25: The Halluci Nation, Fucked Up (Union)

5/26: Qrion (Chvrch of John)

5/27: The Don Berner Big Band: The Music of the Super Heroes (Ottewell United)

5/27: Tyson Ray Borsboom, Salty Auntie, Amanda Penner (Aviary)

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5/31: Lagwagon (Union)

6/2-4: Great Hollywood Adventures (Winspear)

6/3: Luke Combs, Riley Green (Commonwealth)

6/5: Garneau String Quartet, Roman Rabinovich, Diana Cohen (Muttart Hall)

6/8: Off With Their Heads, Single Mothers, Vargouille (Buckingham)

6/9-11: Tchaikovsky & Brunch (Winspear)

6/10: Ruger (Union)

6/11: Edmonton Metropolitan Chorus: Ibero-Americano (First Presbyterian)

6/14: Thorgy and the Thorchestra II: The Regal Sequal (Winspear)

6/15: Bob Log III (Temple)

6/17: Raffi (Jubilee)

6/18: Murray MacLauchlan, Cindy Church, Marc Jordan and Ian Thomas (Winspear)

6/23: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Jubliee)

6/23: The Melisizwe Brothers (Winspear)

6/24: REO Brothers of Acloban (Union)

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6/24: Nickelback, Brantley Gilbert, John Ross (Rogers)

6/29: Blink 182, Turnstile (Rogers)

7/8: Between the Buried and Me (Union)

7/11: Orville Peck (Midway)

7/31: Grandson, Monowhales, No Love For the Middle Child (Union)

8/15: Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick (Rogers)

8/19: Carly Pearce (River Cree)

8/25: Milky Chance (Jubilee)

9/8: The Chicks (Rogers)

9/23: Bez Obmezhen (Union)

9/24: Bonnie Raitt, Royal Wood (Jubilee)

9/24: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Josephine van Lier (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

10/12-23: Bill Eddins plays Bach (Winspear)

10/13: Wu-Tang Clan, Nas (Rogers)

10/21: The Bouncing Souls, Anti-flag (Union Hall)

10/22: The Hockey Sweater (Winspear)

10/31: Ne Obliviscaris (Starlite)

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11/6: Bruce Sprinsteen (Rogers)

11/10: KISS (Rogers Place)

11/12: Shania Twain (Rogers)

11/12: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Don Ross (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

11/21: Depeche Mode (Rogers)

12/3: Vaughan and Friends Quartet Fest 2023 w/ Vertex String Quartet (Holy Trinity Anglican Church)

12/8-9: Handel’s Messiah (Winspear)

4/26-27/24: Celeigh Cardinal w/ the ESO (Winspear)


Thru 4/2: Pride and Prejudice (Citadel)

Thru 16: Shen Yun (Jubilee)

Thru 3/26: First Date (Mayfield)

Thru 3/26: Joni Mitchell’s Songs of a Prairie Girl

3/16-18: Jen Mesch Dance Company (MZD Society)

3/17-18: The Pirates of Penzance (Convocation Hall)

3/23-4/16: Trouble In Mind (Citadel)

3/26: Opera Le Désert Mauve (Black Box Theatre)

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3/29-30: The Story of Linda Ronstadt w/ Andrea House (Festiva Place)

3/30-4/1: Going Solo (Citadel)

3/30-4/1: Stabat Mater (Jubilee)

4/4-6/11: Rock of Ages (Mayfield)

4/5-15: The Devils (Timms Centre)

4/8: Portraits of Home (Winspear)

4/11-16: Pretty Woman: The Musical (Jubilee)

4/13-15: eryn tempest: Parallax (MZD Society)

4/19-29: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Grindstone) 

Thru 4/30: Dirtier Dancing (Spotlight)

4/22-5/14: First Métis Man of Odesa (Citadel)

4/25: No Gorge w/GOTTMIK and Violet Chachki (Winspear)

4/25-5/14: Sexual Misconduct of the Middle Classes (Roxy)

5/5-6: Consentus (Triffo Theatre)

5/5-6: Botero (Jubilee)

5/6-28: Prison Dancer (Citadel)

5/11-13: Shadow of a Doubt (MZD Society)

5/13: Blippi (Jubilee)

5/16-27: Boy Trouble (Backstage)

5/26-6/11: Listen, Listen (Varscona)

5/27: Magic Men — Australia (Starlite)

6/18: Jinkx Monsoon Everything at Stake (Jubilee)

6/20-7/23: CLUSTERFLICK: The Improvised Movie (Mayfield)

7/14-30: Everybody Goes to Mitzi’s (Varscona)

7/18-30: Reeling: Dance on Screen (MZD Society)

7/28: RuPaul Werq the World (Jubilee)

8/6: Peppa Pig’s Adventure (Jubilee)

If you have events you’d like amplified, or have any corrections or updates, please email [email protected].


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