December 6, 2023


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Sony has filed a patent for NFT use, transfer, and sales

A new Sony Interactive Amusement patent filing spotted by Segment Up coming implies the organization is operating to carry out a stronger framework for NFTs in its video clip video games and consoles. Though the attractiveness of NFTs has waned considerably over the final couple decades, sped along by the collapse of the cryptocurrency sector, it appears Sony is not rather accomplished with the blockchain-based mostly engineering.

The company’s recently-revealed patent is titled ‘NFT Framework For Transferring And Employing Digital Property Concerning Game Platforms’ and explores the opportunity for NFTs to be played with and transferred among online video game titles, with players reaping the benefits in several video games.

‘Current systems are technologically inadequate for the operator to use the asset throughout various online games and platforms,’ the patent suggests. ‘Accordingly, as additional recognised herein, the functionality of the sport could be enhanced by enabling players and/or spectators to exclusively use the asset and possibly transfer its rights to many others by way of NFT.’

Though the technology is not but available, Sony has proposed a technique by which NFTs could be used to deliver specific added benefits to pick out players.

For case in point, it indicates a participant who is the ‘first’ to beat a individual boss in a video game could be rewarded with a particular NFT that grants a exclusive weapon, or an additional reward. Provided issues like the fact that game titles press and influencers usually get early accessibility to titles, it’s unclear how this would be good – but Sony appears enthusiastic about this application regardless.

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The patent more enthuses about the opportunity for ‘a sure amount, score, and/or points accumulation in a specific movie sport‘ to be minted, with this progress then able to be transferred or offered, making it possible for players to advance their individual gameplay by way of NFT.

‘The NFT may possibly then be transferred to someone else, who may well then resume the activity where the transferor left off in accordance to the NFT so that the transferee begins gameplay at the identical amount, with the similar rating, and/or with the exact same details accumulation as the transferor,’ the patent states.

The intrinsic profit of acquiring a further player finish these NFT-charged gameplay segments is not dwelt on – nor is the specific motive why persons enjoy online games: for entertaining. Transferring your gameplay, or skipping sections of video games to obtain some intangible electronic reward, feels at odds with the pleasure of gaming.

At this stage, it’s unclear how these NFTs will be executed in a significant way. The bubble of enthusiasm for this technological know-how has currently burst, and the benefits outlined in this article are not tantalising ample to make a scenario for the opportunity decline of goodwill that may perhaps spawn from their inclusion. For now, we’ll have to wait to see what Sony has in shop for NFTs.