November 30, 2023


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No, ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ jogging is not ‘Fun & Games’

Was it Aristotle or Kant who mouthed off about the philosophy of categorization?

I can not bear in mind. But I’d love to view “Wheel of Fortune” with possibly gent, just to decide on their epistemological brains. Get a recent second from the activity show that started out in 1975, the yr of — get prepared to acquire a vowel — “J*WS,” “THR*LLA *N Man*LA” AND “W*TERG*TE.”

The closing classification was, “Fun & Games.” The contestant was “Ben from California.”

The puzzle was much more elusive than “Nicomachean Ethics.”

Right here is what Ben from California was working with: “TA**N* A ***C* ***.”

My initial considered was … “Tainting a woodchuck?”

Ben from California squinted at the board operate by that ageless smokeshow Vanna White.

“Taunt a chuck person … Chance dude? No, there’s no ‘C.’ Wacky male? TAUNT A WACKY Dude!”

Nope. Sorry, Ben from California. The reply was: “TAKING A Rapid JOG.”

“Oh, that was so unclose,” quipped host Pat Sajak. “Yeah, you just didn’t have the letters.”

Possibly. Or did the letters he experienced not match the category?

As Ben from California shot back: “See, I do not contemplate jogging ‘Fun & Video games.’”

The trade — it ended with Ben from California offering an uncomfortable thumbs up to the viewers — created headlines this week right after the show’s Instagram posted the clip and extra, “He has a level.”

He absolutely does. As the first remark on the show’s Instagram publish famous: “Finally! A contestant lastly speaks out about the solutions not matching the group!”

Is this a expanding dilemma? Does the clearly show throw up a “Food & Drink” puzzle and then the answer turns out to be CATNIP or SLUDGE? Dangle gliding is enjoyment. Scrabble is a game.

“TAKING A Brief JOG” is neither.

I have a dear good friend who is addicted to functioning. A number of decades back, she was bugging me to be a part of her on one of her bonkers missions in which her little soles gleefully assault the asphalt. We’d get started on the Danforth, she suggested, go down to the Seashores, slash throughout a trail, hightail it back. Straightforward-peasy.

I understood she did not know me at all. I couldn’t run from the Danforth to the Beaches even if a Bengal tiger was in incredibly hot pursuit. Woman, lace up your Nikes and scram!

Even hardcore joggers would not classify “TAKING A Rapid JOG” under the rubric of “Fun & Video games.” The hardcore only care about Taking A Prolonged JOG. Telling a runner to locate joy in a 50 %-block dash is like asking Tom Brady to cease turning his retirement into Groundhog Day. It cannot be completed.

The conspiracy theorist in me is starting to question if “Wheel of Fortune” is intentionally making “scandals” for the cost-free publicity. When I viewed that present as a teen with my mom — oh, halt, not just about every youngster can be using tobacco menthols with the great kids powering the mall — it was in no way in the information.

It was just a recreation display that was way a lot easier than “Jeopardy!”

Now? “Wheel of Fortune” generates a lot more quarterly headlines than Tesla.

Pegged to the Ben from California brouhaha, Us Weekly printed a Unabomber-size manifesto this 7 days: “‘Wheel of Fortune’ Snafus and Wild Times More than the Yrs: Mispronunciations, Controversial Puzzle Principles and Much more.”

There was the time Sajak accidentally opened a grand prize envelope before the contestant had spun. There was the time a contestant misplaced $1 million following mispronouncing “Achilles.” There was the time Sajak snapped at “ungrateful contestants” and later apologized. There was the “epic fail” when all a few contestants, more than nine spins, could not remedy: “ANOTHER FEATHER *N YO*R *A*.”

An additional feather in your gag?

One more feather in your dad?

Yet another feather in your map?

It was as excruciating as observing chimps test to fix the Riemann speculation.

But you know what is attention-grabbing about these snafus and wild moments more than the a long time?

Most of them occurred just lately.

I am now supplying a prize to anyone who can provide evidence of a information tale that was printed about a “Wheel of Fortune” cock-up ahead of the dawn of social media. The prize? I never know nevertheless. But please don’t forget it is 2023 and I toil for a N*WSPAP*R. I am not a R*CH M*N.

So you may possibly just earn a tattered paperback of “Critique of Pure Motive.” My spouse is on my situation to downsize my library to make a lot more space for her appalling keepsakes. This could be a acquire-earn.

Exhibit me the proof and I will send you a utilized e book!

In the interim, it is time for “Wheel of Fortune” to do a lot more than be cutesy-coy on Instagram.

Ben from California was robbed. “TAKING A Brief JOG” is not “Fun & Games” any much more than disguise-and-seek is a salad dressing. Give the gentleman his prize. Or at the very least convey him again for another go.

I am now certain “Wheel of Fortune” is focused squarely on “going viral.”

I give it a few months right until a puzzle intentionally misspells “liquefy” or “sherbet.” And if that is not more than enough for a media tsunami commencing with “Entertainment Tonight,” possibly Sajak will brazenly mock a contestant’s ethnicity ahead of he and Vanna moonwalk into the crowd although French kissing.

“Fans Stunned Immediately after Sport Clearly show Turns Into Racist Orgy!”

I’m on to you, “Wheel of Fortune.” You cheated Ben from California for the cheap buzz.

And you just taunted the completely wrong wacky guy.

Give him his M*NEY or I will D*STR*Y Y*U, a person applied e-book at a time.

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