December 6, 2023


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First China-Designed Gaming GPU Besieged by Bugs

MTT S80 benchmarks have exposed that China’s do-it-yourself graphics card are unable to contend with today’s greatest graphics cards. The effectiveness is missing, but the PCIe 5. gaming graphics card will not engage in wonderful with lots of game titles, some heading as far back as 2013.

The MTT S80 is the 1st Chinese homegrown graphics card to guidance the DirectX API, symbolizing a huge leap in domestic gaming. When Moore Threads introduced the MTT S80, the chipmaker worked with up to 60 video games. We would afterwards locate out that the only catch is that only 11 out of the 60 titles are on the formal assist checklist, whilst MTT S80 could run the remaining titles, but general performance would be an challenge. The MTT S80 supports both equally DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 on the other hand, there’s even now a long highway ahead, for a longer time for the latter than the former.